This page contains information on the following parking and traffic matters, scroll down or click on the appropriate matter for more information:

Parking Passes

Parking passes will be issued to any resident requesting them as follows:

  1. Parking passes will be issued at Village Hall. Residents may request a parking pass by clicking here or calling 708-366-8500. The request should be made far enough in advance to guarantee receiving the pass(es) by the requested day.

  2. Parking passes will be valid only for the date(s) on the pass. There is no limit (within reason) to the number of passes which can be issued for the same day. For example, if a resident is having an afternoon gathering, a request for up to 15 passes would be granted.

  3. Normally, passes will be issued for only one day at a time. However, passes may be issued for up to two weeks for special circumstances (resident has a guest staying for an extended period of time). Passes issued to contractors may be issued for up to six weeks. If additional time is needed new passes may be issued.

  4. Parking passes must be displayed on the dashboard on the driver’s side.

  5. Parking passes are not valid for the following: No Parking Anytime, Loading Zones, Bus Stops, Parking During Snow Removal, Handicapped Parking, Village Parking Lots, Permit Parking Zones, Daily Parking Zones, and Business Parking Permit Zones.

Overnight Parking Requests

Overnight parking on Village streets is prohibited between 2:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m. In order to park during such time, residents must receive approval from the Village:

  1. Persons may call the West Suburban Consolidated Dispatch Center at 708-366-7125 after 5:00 pm and receive permission from a dispatcher to park a vehicle on the street between the hours of 2:00 am and 6:00 am.

  2. Residents must call to request the waiver prior to 2 am. Normally, requests after this time will not be approved. If there is an extraordinary situation the resident will have to contact the on-duty Police supervisor (by request) through the non-emergency phone number at 708-366-7125.

  3. Ordinarily, permission to park all night will not be given more than three times in any thirty-day period. Permission to park more than three times in any thirty-day period may be given for unusual circumstances, but only by a Police Department command officer.

Monthly Commuter Parking Permits

Monthly Permit Parking: Residents may purchase a $35 monthly parking pass and park in the lot next to the train station (east side of Thatcher Ave), on Hawthorne Avenue (between Thatcher & Keystone), and on Central Avenue (west of Thatcher) - these areas are designated in blue on this Commuter Parking Area Map.

Currently there is a waiting list for "Day Only" Monthly Permits. To add your name to the waiting list click here or call the Village at 708-366-8500. If you are interested in a "Night Only" ($45) or "Day & Night" ($75) Monthly Permit, complete the application and deliver it to Village Hall along with the payment. 

Daily Fee Parking: Residents and non-residents can park in the daily fee spots for $2.50 per day. These areas are in the lot on the west side of Thatcher Avenue, along the north side of Central Avenue and along the north side of Hawthorne Avenue. These areas are designated in red on the Commuter Parking Area Map.

Commuters can pay their daily fee by either paying at the coin boxes or through the Village's smart phone app through Passport parking.

Passport Parking Mobile App 

Pay by smartphone app, phone, web or text!  The Village of River Forest is proud to introduce Passport Parking, a mobile payment parking application that will allow River Forest Commuters to skip the trip to the coin box and pay their daily parking fee directly from their smart phone!  

To utilize the new service, smart phone customers must first download and register the PassportParking app from the Apple Store for iPhones or Google Play for Android users. One can also register for the service online at, using Facebook, or by calling the local number listed on the meter.  Once registered for the service, drivers will have many options to pay for parking, including the PassportParking app and mobile website for smart phone users. Customers with basic cell phone capabilities will be able to use Pay-by-Text and Pay-by-Voice options.

Pay by App - Available for download on iOS and Android devices, the Passport Parking app allows users to start or extend a parking session, add or update payment card details, electronically validate their parking, as well as manage notification and receipt options.

Pay by Voice - No smart phone?  No problem!  River Forest drivers can utilize Passport Parking's Pay by Voice and Pay by Text to easily pay for parking.  With the Pay by Voice option, Passport Mobile Pay provides greater accessibility to users.  To Pay by Voice, users dial 708-716-0716 and follow the voice prompts to complete the transaction.  First time users will need to enter credit card information using the phone's keypad.  To extend a parking session, users can call back and manage their existing session.

Pay by Text - Passport Mobile Pay also provides the ability for users to pay by text message (SMS).  To Pay by text, users can text their zone number, space number and the amount of time they wish to stay in the following format:  ZoneNumber*SpaceNumber*Time to 708-716-0716.  Users will receive a confirmation text letting them know they've successfully paid for parking.

Traffic & Safety Concerns

The Village's Traffic and Safety Commission reviews transit, parking and potentially hazardous traffic matters. The Commission serves in an advisory capacity to the Village Board and is comprised of nine members, who are residents of the Village.

The Commission meets on the 3rd Wednesday of January, March, May, July, September, and November.

A request to the Commission must be submitted in writing (email or online submittal is acceptable) to Jeff Loster. The request will be analyzed by Village staff, studied by the Village's Traffic Engineering Consultant (if necessary) and forwarded to the Commission.

Click here for detailed instructions on the procedure to petition for an issue to be presented to the Traffic and Safety Commission.

Click here for a sample petition form.

Residents and businesses in the area will be notified of the request and given the opportunity to attend the meeting. Recommendations by the Commission are forwarded to the Village Board for final approval.  

Red Light Camera Locations

The Village currently has two Automated Traffic Systems located at North Avenue and Harlem Avenue and Lake St and Harlem Avenue.  Click here for more information about Red Light Cameras in River Forest.