The Village provides a variety of programs to the community through the Police and Fire Departments. For more information about our programs and services as well as contact and other useful links, please see below.

Police Services

  • Solicitation- The Village Code prohibits persons from soliciting private property if the owner asks the person to leave the property or has a notice posted that prohibits solicitation. Click here to download a No Solicitation legend.

  • Rape Aggression Defense (R.A.D.) is a program of realistic self-defense tactics and techniques for women that begins with awareness, prevention, risk reduction and risk avoidance, while progressing on to the basics of hands-on defense training. Click here to email us for more information regarding this program.

  • R.A.D. Kids is a curriculum based on accelerated learning theories that provides realistic safety plans and options enabling children to escape dangerous situations. To email for more information, click here.

  • I-Search is a personal safety program in which a police officer and an instructor go into the grades K, 2, 4, 6 and 8 in River-Forest schools and discuss a variety of topics. Click here to request more information about this program.

  • Junior Citizens Police Academy is a 40 hour Police/Fire awareness course. Students between 10-15 years old get a chance to participate in a variety of activities and lessons about Police and Fire Service. To contact us for more information, click here.

  • Crime Prevention Information is available from River Forest Police Officers who will come to your home or business and discuss various methods to reduce the chances of a burglary. Click here to contact the Crime Prevention Officer.

  • Gun Locks are available to residents of River Forest at the police station at no cost. The lock is used to prevent accidents involving hand guns in the home. Residents must have a valid Firearms Owners Identification Card to receive a lock. Click here to request a gun lock.

  • Drug Abuse Resistance Education (DARE) - The DARE program consists of 17 lessons that are taught by uniformed officers of the River Forest Police Department that have received special training and certification. The lessons are taught once a week for 17 weeks with the last lesson being the culmination ceremony. Click here to contact the Crime Prevention Officer.

  • Child Safety Seat Inspection Program - Click Here.
  • To contact the Public Information Officer, click here.

  • To contact the Patrol Division regarding traffic and general enforcement issues, click here.

  • For information regarding neighborhood meetings, extra duty details, special events and for other general inquires, click here.

Fire Services

  • Fire Marshal Kevin Wiley has Fire and Safety Tips to keep you and your family safe no matter the season.  Topics will update from month to month.  Simply choose from the many topics below (click on topic to open):

   Lightning Safety

               Electrical Safety - Outdoors

               Hotel-Motel Safety

               Pool Safety

               Don't Take A Vacation from Fire Safety

               Camp Fire Safety

               Electrical Safety Tips

               Summertime Fun Can Be Just That!

  •  Ambulance Billing- Patients requiring ambulance assistance are assessed a rate depending on the type of service required. Click here to contact the Fire Department for billing questions or call 708-366-8500 ext. 361.

  • Block Parties-The Fire Department will be happy to attend your block party. Please be aware that the firefighters are on duty and their first priority is to respond to calls. While every effort will be made to attend your block party at the time you request, no guarantee can be made of being at the block party at a specific time or for a specific length of time. To request the Fire Department to attend your block party, please click here or call 708-366-7629. You will need to notify them of the date, location and approximate time you would like them to attend.

  • CPR- The Fire Department offers CPR classes when enough students sign up for class. The cost of the class is $40 per student. If you are interested in CPR classes, please contact Paul Zipperich or call 708-366-7629.

  • Fire Prevention- The Fire Prevention Bureau is responsible for plan reviews, building inspections and public education. Click here to contact the Fire Marshal.