The Village's Zoning Code is intended to promote the public safety, health, convenience, comfort, preservation of property values, and general welfare of the Village.

To that end, the Village has the following zoning districts:

  • R1: Wide-lot single-family detached
  • R2: Single-family deatched
  • R3: Residential providing for a mixture of attached single-family
  • R4: Multi-family Residential
  • C1: Specialty retail stores, office and service uses
  • C2: Retail, office, service uses and multi-family
  • C3: Specialty retail store, office, service uses and multi-family to create a central retail focus
  • ORIC: Office/Research/Industrial/Commercial
  • PRI: Public, Recreational and Institutional

Click here to view the Village Zoning Map.

Click here to view the Village's Land Use Chart to determine what is permitted in each zoning district.

At the beginning planning stages for new structures, additions or alterations, it is highly recommended that the property owner contact the Village's Building Official or call 708-714-3557 to discuss any potential zoning impacts. Should a variation be required, the applicant will have to present their case to the Zoning Board of Appeals (there is a $650 application fee) and the Village Board.

Application for Zoning Variation

Planned Developments

Certain types of development, including all developments greater than 20,000 square feet, may require a planned development. Planned developments, which provide greater flexibility in design, are heard by the Development Review Board, with their recommendation forwarded to the Village Board.

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Public Notice of Current Zoning Code Applications