Building Permits:

Permits are required for a variety of building activities:

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Permits are required for the following miscellaneous activities:

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The River Forest Police Department maintains information on all alarm systems for emergency notification to the alarm holder and to assist officers responding to alarm calls. All alarms within the Village require an alarm number issued by the Police Department and completion of the Emergency Notification Form.

Block Parties

Residents wishing to host a block party must submit a request in writing at least two weeks prior to the event. Required information includes name, address, phone number, day of the event (with rain date if applicable), the exact block to be barricaded, and the time of the event.

The Village is once again partnering with the River Forest Parks Foundation/Sustainability Committee to promote "Green" Block Parties. Residents may choose one of three options:

  • Village Curbside Compost Program Demo.
  • Healthy Lawn, Healthy Family Native Garden Demo.
  • Or both of the above options for a small fee.

View details of benefits and download the application


A permit is required for an outdoor fire on the ground. Such fires must be at least 50' from a structure and 25' from other combustible materials. Size is limited to a 5' x 5' base and 5' in height.

Permits are not required for residential, recreational fires that are used for cooking or warmth in an approved container (generally commercially designed and manufactured). Fire size is limited by the size of the container to less than 3' in diameter and 2' in height. Approved containers must be located a minimum of 15' from a structure or combustible materials.

Click here to contact the Fire Prevention Bureau for more information.

Click here to download a Bonfire Permit application.


All film and photo productions are required to apply for a permit through the River Forest Police Department (708-366-8500). Permit applicants must abide by the Village's Code of Conduct and Noise Requirements,  a permit fee ($100 application fee plus $250 per day)as well as security and a street obstruction permit if necessary, and provide an insurance certificate naming the Village as an additional insured. For a complete list of film permit requirements contact the Police Department. Click here to download a film and photo permit application.

Hot Work

Permits are required for Hot Work operations that include but are not limited to cutting, welding, grinding and the installation of torch applied roof systems or similar activity. Bituminous roofing systems that use membranes that are adhered by heating with a torch and melting asphalt back coating require a permit. In accordance with the International Fire Code, a Fire Watch is required during all Hot Work and shall continue for a minimum of 30 minutes after the conclusion of the work. 

Click here to contact the Fire Prevention Bureau for more information.

Click here to download a welding/hot work application.

Solicitor Application

Soliciting is allowed in the Village of River Forest by permit only. All solicitors who will be operating in River Forest must carry an approved Solicitor's Permit issued by the Police Department.

The River Forest Police Department will conduct a criminal background check on all applicants before a permit is approved. Any organization eligible to conduct solicitation activities within the corporate limits of River Forest shall pay a permit fee of one hundred dollars per twelve month period, which will include the fee for the requestor's background check. Each subsequent solicitor of an organization (maximum of eight) will be charged a background check fee of twenty five dollars per solicitor.

Click here to download rules for soliciting in the Village, as well as the Solicitor License application.

Special Events

For events in which fifty (50) or more individuals will gather and/or events in which Village resources/property are reasonably expected to be affected, a Special Events Permit is required.  Interested permit applicants must first complete and submit a Village Special Events Application, which can be found below.  For additional information, applicants are encouraged to review the Village's Special Events Ordinance, which can also be found below.

Click here to download the Village's Special Events Application

Click here to view the Village's Special Events Ordinance

Special Amusements

Permits are required for Special Amusement events such as Haunted Houses, Mobile Food Truck Rallies and other similar type events in which the public is invited. These types of events pose a greater risk to public safety and therefore require a permit from the River Forest Fire Department. 

Click here to contact the Fire Prevention Bureau for more information.

Click here to download a special amusement application.

      Food Trucks

Food Truck operators are required to obtain a Village Business License and a Temporary Food Service Permit. Special permitting from the Fire Department may also be required.

Click here to download a Business License Application

Click here to download a Temporary Food Service Permit Application

Click here to download information from the Fire Department regarding Food Truck Safety and Requirements

Tents and Canopies

Permits are required for tents with a square footage greater than 200 square feet and canopies (without sides) greater than 400 square feet. Permitting is to emphasize safety conflicts with underground and above ground utilities, fire safety, egress, and installed lighting.

Click here to contact the Fire Prevention Bureau for more information.

Click here to download a Tent Permit application.

Underground Storage Tank Removal (UST)

Permits are required to document the location and removal of a residential heating fuel tank and the removal of any abandoned product. Permits are commonly requested due to construction, landscape renovations or a condition of property sale.

Click here to contact the Fire Prevention Bureau for more information.

Click here to download a UST Permit application.