Effective November 1, 2012, any proposed grading change is required to be designed by a Licensed Professional Engineer and any change in grade must not negatively affect adjacent properties.

Key documents:

Accordingly, most land disturbing activities require a grading permit with the following essential components:

  • $50 permit fee + pass through costs for Village-hired engineer to review the grading plan

  • Notification of project to neighbors

  • Signed affidavit confirming notification to neighbors

  • Topographic survey (as necessary)

  • Site grading plan completed by a professional engineer (as necessary)

  • Storm water management plan to control run-off while the project is ongoing (as necessary)

  • Inspections during construction (as necessary)

  • As-built survey upon completion of the project (as necessary)

Note: There is not a separate application for a grading permit. The permit requirement and approval will be marked on the general permitting application.

Projects that require a grading permit include but are not limited to:

  • Construction of new homes or buildings;

  • Addition to an existing structure that changes 10% or more of the existing structure’s footprint;

  • Garages or auxiliary structures that change 10% or more of the existing structure’s footprint;

  • In ground swimming pools;

  • Patios or other impervious surfaces, including sidewalks and parking lot paving (surfaces constructed with pervious materials are exempt);

  • Landscaping that changes the grade of the site such that existing drainage flows will be altered;

  • Any project that includes the creation of a foundation;

  • Land disturbing activity proposed in a floodplain established by FEMA;

  • Any land disturbing activity that equals 25% of the lot or one acre in area, whichever is less;

  • Demolition of any building or structure.

Possible Waivers and Exemptions:

Each project will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis to determine whether a grading permit will be required. Projects may be exempt from the grading requirements if:

  • The applicant can prove the project is not in a drainage sensitive area and will not adversely impact neighboring properties

  • There is sand present in the soil that allows storm water to effectively percolate into the ground (a soil boring test to confirm may be required)

  • Other- Applicants may request a general exemption that does not meet the areas listed above, however, the Village’s engineer will review the request and may require additional documentation to approve said exemption