The Village has adopted sign regulations to attract and retain business development while enhancing and maintaining the Village's physical appearance.

A sign permit is required to erect, enlarge, expand, alter, operate, or relocate a sign within the Village.

See below for more information regarding signs:

Prohibited Signs

The following signs are specifically prohibited: 

Advertising/Billboard Home Occupation Real Estate Sold Signs Sign on Public Property
Attention-Getting Devices Moving or Animated Temporary Signs Sign Painted Directly on a Wall or Fence
Banners Off-Premises* Vehicle/Trailer Ground Sign More than 15 Feet Above Grade of Adjacent Residential District
Box Signs Portable Signs Pertaining to a Business No Longer Operating  
Electronic Reader Board* Projecting Signs Sign on Tree, Utility or Light Pole  

*These signs may be approved as part of a Planned Development

Sign Application Requirements

To expedite review of a sign permit application, please be sure to submit the following with the permit application:

  • Plans and specifications showing the location on the lot or building face and the methods of construction, illumination and support

  • A scale drawing showing sign faces, exposed surfaces and the proposed message and design, accurately represented as to size, area, proportion and color

  • Photographs of the street sides of the property, showing all existing signs

  • A calculation of the total amount of sign area presently on the property

  • The applicant's assertion that the sum of the areas of the requested sign and any existing sign do not exceed the maximum allowed

  • Evidence of a valid business license (when required)

  • Letter from a licensed architect, structural engineer, or sign manufacturer/installation company verifying the structural integrity, safety and overall soundness of the sign design and installation

To expedite review and approval of sign applications, businesses are encouraged to click here to contact the Building Official prior to submitting a sign permit application.