The Village contains approximately 40 miles of water main, which carries approximately 1.7M gallons throughout the Village on an average day.  Multiple locations of this water main fail in a given year, typically in the winter.  In order to reduce the amount of emergency repairs needed the Village replaces a portion of this system on an annual basis. 

This project is typically completed by cutting a trench in the pavement on one side of the street, installing the new water main and transferring individual services from the old water main to the new water main.  It can be quite disruptive during construction, however, this is usually the most cost effective way to replace a water main. 


2017 Project Information


Project Updates

  • 6/16/17 - Earlier this week the Village held an open-house meeting to provide project information and answer any questions to those property owners that will be affected by the project. The contractor is tentatively scheduled to begin work toward the end of the month but this is dependent upon some utility information that the Village still needs from AT&T. 
  • A contract has been awarded for this project to Unique Plumbing, Co. While a start date has not yet been established, the work is anticipated to be complete by the end of June. An Open House Meeting will be scheduled at the end of May to provide further details regarding the scope of work. All those affected by the project should have received a general notification letter and will receive a postcard with details for the Open House Meeting.