This project will involve the reconstruction of the alley between Harlem Avenue and Bonnie Brae, just south of Oak Avenue. During construction, this alley will be inaccessible and adjacent homeowners will need park on the adjacent streets.  A schedule for construction has not yet been established.   


Project Updates

  • 10/28/16 - All concrete work has been completed. The contractor will be placing the final lift of asphalt next Monday. Once completed, the contractor will return to remove the asphalt in the middle of the alley and prepare it for the installation of the permeable pavers. The pavers are scheduled to be installed and completed Thursday/Friday of next week.
  • 10/21/16 - The contractor is installing the first layer of asphalt today. This will serve as a base for the final (more refined) layer that will be installed next week. Once the asphalt is installed, the center portion will be cut and removed to provide space for the permeable pavers. 
  • 10/17/16 - The subcontractor has completed the permeable paver trench today. From here, the contractor will be in to complete the final grading of the area outside the trench in preparation for asphalt pavement. The paving should take place toward the end of this week. Early next week the concrete border will be installed around the top of the permeable paver trench and the permeable pavers will be installed shortly thereafter. 
  • 10/10/16 - The subcontractor is scheduled to be in tomorrow (Tuesday) to excavate the trench down the middle of the alley. This area will be filled with large stone to hold stormwater runoff. Once completed, the next step will be to install the concrete border around this trench which will hold the permeable pavers in place. 
  • 10/5/16 - The rain we have received over the past week has caused a lot of difficulties with access to the alley. Large, loaded trucks cannot drive on the exposed soil when it is wet as they would likely have a difficult time getting back out. With additional rain forecast for the next few days, the contractor has agreed to install some stone to allow work to proceed even in inclement weather. 
  • 9/30/16 - The contractor is scheduled to start excavating for the permeable pavers on Monday. This will entail a 3 foot wide trench, approximately 3 feet deep down the middle of the alley. Should weather cooperate, another subcontractor is scheduled to be in towards the end of the week to start pouring concrete. 
  • 9/23/16 - Unfortunately, this week's rain has caused the construction site to be inaccessible to the contractor. Work is anticipated to resume on Monday, the 26th. 
  • 9/21/16 - Although today's rain has cancelled construction for a day, a significant amount of progress has already been made.  In just two days, the contractor has completed all saw-cutting and concrete removal throughout the alley.  Next steps will include site layout work by a surveyor which will be followed by some additional excavation needed to accommodate the new pavement.
  • 9/14/16 - Alley pavement removal will begin on Monday, September 19th. Notices will be delivered to all affected homes today, which will provide additional detail on the construction activities to be anticipated.
  • 8/22/16 - A pre-construction meeting was held with the contractor last week. The project is tentatively scheduled to begin in early September with an anticipated duration of approximately 3-4 weeks.
  • 6/22/16 - A permit for the proposed project has been received from the MWRD. The project was recently advertised for competitive bid which will be opened in mid-July.
  • 6/3/16 - A second permit submittal was provided to the MWRD for review earlier this week. It is anticipated that a permit will be issued sometime in early June. Once a permit is issued, bid documents will be established and the project will be advertised for competitive bid.
  • 4/22/16 - Permit requirements by the MWRD indicated the need to conduct soil borings and to complete a geotechnical report for the project area. Soil borings were completed last week and the report is currently being prepared by the Village's consultant. Once prepared, the report will be re-submitted (with the rest of the applicable documentation) to the MWRD for permit approval. Once the permit is approved the project will be advertised for competitive bid.
  • 1/20/16 – This project is currently being designed by Village Staff.  Once the plans and specifications have been prepared, the project will be publicly advertised for bid.