This project will involve the reconstruction of the alley between Gale and Keystone (from Madison to Vine). The intent is to install some form of permeable pavement that will allow an improved driving surface without creating any stormwater runoff. This type of application was recently installed in the Quick Alley (between Quick and Oak, from Bonnie Brae to Harlem) and on the William St Alley (between North and LeMoyne, from William to Clinton). These alleys were previously in disrepair and experienced some level of stormwater ponding. Both now consist of new pavement with permeable pavers and neither experience stormwater ponding during or after rain events. 


Project Updates

  • 8/3/17 - This project is currently being designed by Village Staff. A grant application was also submitted to the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District (MWRD) in an attempt to receive some portion of funding to help expedite the construction of the project.