During the summer of 2016, the Village will be resurfacing Division Street from Thatcher Avenue to Harlem Avenue. The pavement surface is severely deteriorated but is otherwise in good condition.  This makes it a good candidate for asphalt resurfacing.

Over the past year, the Village applied for and received state funding for this work. The funding split will be 80/20 with the Village only being responsible for 20% of the project costs. The project was recently competitively bid and a contract is in the process of being awarded.


Project Updates

  • 9/1/16 - Final areas of sod restoration were completed earlier this week. At this point, the project can be considered completed.
  • 8/8/16 - The first layer of asphalt has been installed and manhole adjustments were completed on Saturday. Cleanup and landscaping will take place throughout the week with the final layer of asphalt to be installed on Saturday, August 13th. 
  • 8/3/16 - The milling of Division Street will be completed today. Fortunately, there is very little base-patching that will need to be done which means the new asphalt surface can start being installed sooner than anticipated. As of now, the placement of the first layer of asphalt has been moved up to tomorrow (Thursday). Starting at 5:30 am, prime coat (a sticky, liquid-asphalt material) will be sprayed onto the milled surface. This prepares the base so that it will properly stick to the newly placed asphalt. All efforts will be made to prevent this material from spraying up onto vehicles travelling through the area, however, it is advised that drivers avoid the area while the material is still wet. Once it is dry, it will not spray up onto your vehicle as you drive through. 
  • 7/18/16 - Concrete work along the north side of Division was completed last week. Concrete removal on the south side of Division began this past Saturday with these areas scheduled to be replaced by the end of this week. Pavement removal is currently scheduled to take place during the week of 8/1.
  • 7/11/16 - Work this week will mostly involve curb and sidewalk removals. Sawcutting will begin on Monday and removals will begin shortly thereafter. This work will start on the north side of Division (near Harlem Ave) and will proceed westward.
  • 7/1/16 - Fortunately, the State of Illinois has passed a temporary budget that will allow the Division Street Resurfacing Project to begin next week. There may be some slight delays of a day or two due to inactivity over the past couple of weeks (wherein contractors were forced to plan for a shutdown on each of their ongoing projects elsewhere) but there will be construction activity along Division Street during the week of July 5th. As always, the Village appreciates your understanding and cooperation and we look forward to completing another great project. 
  • 6/22/16 - Village Staff has recently been informed that due to Illinois State budget issues, the Division Street Resurfacing may be subject to delays. Currently, all ongoing State-let projects are to be wrapped up by June 30th and other projects cannot begin. This delay is indefinite and is based solely on the State's ability to resolve ongoing budget issues.
  • 6/16/16 - A pre-construction meeting was held at IDOT offices on Wednesday, June 15th. Starting on June 20th, message boards and signage will be installed at the project limits to inform area residents and vehicles of the upcoming construction. Actual construction work will not begin until after the July 4th weekend. The first items to be replaced will be selected portions of curb and gutter. Once this is completed, the asphalt surface will be removed and replaced.