This project is a continuation of the streetscape improvements along Madison Street east of DesPlaines Avenue.  The continuation of improvements will extend from DesPlaines Avenue to Park Avenue.  The objective is to improve the pavement condition, provide a more attractive gateway between Forest Park and River Forest, and improve driver and pedestrian safety.

This joint project between River Forest and Forest Park is being funded through the Illinois Transportation Enhancement Program (ITEP) and the Surface Transportation Program (STP).

The project scope includes the following items:

  • Pavement reconstruction on Madison street from Park Avenue to DesPlaines Avenue
  • Pedestrian bump-outs will be installed at all intersections, which provides traffic calming and reduces the width of street that a pedestrian needs to cross.
  • Additional streetscape features at bump-out locations including landscaped planters, benches, trash receptacles, and stamped/colored pedestrian crosswalks.
  • Landscaped median islands
  • Replacement of all street lighting with decorative street lighting
  • Replacement of sidewalk and construction of a new brick paver ribbon.

Click here for a rendering of the proposed improvements.


Project Updates

  • Project completed!  Click here for a description of the results.
  • 5/10/16 - Street lighting has recently been completed and minor sidewalk and brick repair work will be completed within the next week. Street signs will be installed on Wednesday, May 11th with the landscaping of the planter beds and medians to follow within the next two weeks.  
  • 3/11/16 - Remaining construction will start up again on the Madison St. Project within the next 2-3 weeks. The new light poles will start getting installed as soon as March 28th. Remaining concrete sidewalk restoration and some median work (decorative curb installation) will also begin around that time. Most of this work will take place from within the parking lanes so while there will still be substantial work taking place, the plan is to minimize inconvenience to the lanes of traffic and area business as much as possible. 
  • 11/12/15 - Median curbs have all been installed and level binder (the lower layers of asphalt) have been installed throughout the entire driving surface. Surface asphalt was originally scheduled for Wednesday/Thursday of this week but due to inclement weather it had to be re-scheduled. Currently the surface asphalt is scheduled for installation on Saturday (11/14) to take advantage of the optimal weather forecast. Roadway striping will be installed during the week of the 16th. This work will wrap up the scope of construction for this fall, with remaining items to be completed in the spring. Remaining items include completion of the medians, plantings throughout the medians and numerous planting beds and installation of the new street lights. 
  • 10/29/15 - Traffic patterns will once again be changing over the course of today and tomorrow, this time to allow for pavement removal in the median area. This pavement will be removed next week and will be followed immediately with the installation of the median curb. Also starting tomorrow (and through next week) paver bricks will be installed along the River Forest side of the project to match the Forest Park side. After the pavement and curb work are completed next week, the roadway will be ready for the installation of the final layer of "surface" asphalt which will take place during the week of 11/9. Until then it will be a bumpy ride through the project area due to manhole adjustments. As always, please use caution while driving through the work site - especially when workers are present. 
  • 10/13/15 - Paving along Madison Street is currently scheduled for Thursday, October 15th. This will include the disturbed area along the north side of Madison Street as well as the intersections with Lathrop, Ashland, Franklin and Park Avenues. In order to complete the paving work within a single day, the areas will have to be "prepared" in advance of the paving operation. Some of this preparation work will take place tomorrow (Wednesday) with the remainder occurring on Thursday morning. Unfortunately, these intersections will have to be closed to traffic during this time.  Starting Wednesday, the following intersections will be closed:
    • Madison @ Ashland
    • Madison @ Franklin
    • Madison @ Park

          Starting Thursday morning, Madison @ Lathrop will also be closed for preparation and paving. It is anticipated that all               intersections will be open to traffic again by the end of the workday on Thursday, October 15th. Please follow all road               closure signs and use caution when driving through this area.

  • 10/1/15 - Work continues along the north side of Madison Street with all underground construction anticipated to be completed by the end of this week. Concrete curb preparation is taking place at the east end of the project area and will be poured tomorrow. Concrete work will be taking place on and off (throughout the entire project area) over the next several days. Once completed, paver bricks will be installed, followed by the asphalt pavement. Assuming the weather cooperates, we are anticipating substantial completion with the construction along the north side of the street by the end of the month.  
  • 9/18/15 - The presence of an abandoned gas main has caused some delay but should be resolved by early next week. Due to some liquid found in the main, Nicor is required to properly drain the main and cut/cap it at locations needed for the continuation of the Village-project.  The line will be cleaned out next Monday and cut/capped on Tuesday.  Normal construction operations should resume by Wednesday, possibly even later in the day on Tuesday depending on Nicor's progress. 
  • 9/1/15 - Starting on Tuesday, September 8th, traffic will be moved to the south side of Madison Street in order to begin construction on the River Forest side. This will indicate the start of Stage 3 of the project, which is anticipated to last approximately 6-8 weeks.  
  • 8/20/15 - Stage 2 of the project is nearing an end. Much of the concrete work has been poured on the south side of Madison Street and foundations for the light poles will be constructed next. Within approximately 2-3 weeks construction of Stage 2 will be complete and work will begin on the River Forest side (Stage 3). During this time, both lanes of traffic will be shifted to the south side of Madison Street. The entire project is approximately 40% complete.  
  • 7/23/15 - Stage 1 of the project is now complete.  This work involved a substantial amount of underground construction on the Forest Park side as well as temporary paving of the median.  Stage 2 will begin today, which includes the actual streetscape improvement installation on the Forest Park side.  Eastbound traffic has been moved into the median during this stage, which is estimated to last between 6 and 8 weeks to complete.  At that time, traffic will be moved to the south half of the street and streetscape improvements will begin on the River Forest side.  
  • 7/2/15 - A substantial amount of work has been completed in the past month.  The majority of work in the median has been completed as well as some water main infrastructure improvements along the south side of the street.  The next stage of construction will involve streetscape improvements along the Forest Park side before work moves north to the River Forest side.  At this point, it will still be a few weeks before substantial work progresses to the north side of Madison Street.  
  • 5/29/15 - Work will be starting along Madison St during the week of 6/1.  The first stage of the project will be taking place within the median.  While the contractor will attempt to maintain typical access from River Forest streets onto Madison throughout the project duration, there will be numerous times during this first stage of construction where the only access onto Madison St will be RIGHT TURN ONLY within the project area.  
  • 5/21/15 - Notices will be distributed today, to those businesses along the north and south sides of Madison that will be affected by the construction.  Everyone that receives a notice should provide the requested contact information as soon as possible as many of the future communications will be sent via email through the Village of Forest Park.  
  • 5/19/15 - A pre-construction meeting was held today between the Villages of River Forest and Forest Park, Christopher B. Burke Engineering Staff, and Alliance Contractors.  The work is tentatively scheduled to begin on 6/1.  The initial phase of this project will include some work along the median and should not impact traffic patterns greatly.  This first phase of work is anticipated to take approximately 1 month with the following phase to include work along the south half of Madison. During this second phase, eastbound lanes of traffic will be moved up into the median which will have been paved during phase 1.
  • 4/28/15 - The project has recently been cleared for award.  Project coordination continues as the lengthy, state-caused delay has substantially affected the project timeline.
  • 4/20/15 - The funding for the project is currently on-hold at the state level.  Continued efforts will be made to expedite the start of construction as much as possible.