Residents wishing to host a block party must submit a request in writing at least two weeks prior to the event. Required information includes name, address, phone number, day of the event (with rain date if applicable), the exact block to be barricaded, and the time of the event.

The Village is once again partnering with the River Forest Parks Foundation/Sustainability Committee to promote "Green" Block Parties. This year residents may choose one of three options. (See Why Green Block Parties are easy below).

Block Party Application

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Tips on hosting a Green Block Party

Green Block Parties are Easy 


Choose a green block party and Audrey, Natalie and Alex our Dominican University Interns, will stop by your event with the Blender Bike, where kids and adults alike can jump aboard and make a delicious strawberry smoothie! The team will share coupons to Sugar Beet Co-op and information on the Village Curbside Compost Program. Enjoy a fun composting demonstration, and every resident who subscribes during the demonstration will receive the first two months free!

All residents will still have the opportunity to take the River Forest Health Lawn, Healthy Family Keep ON the Grass pledge and receive a free lawn sign! And…. we will still be giving out discount coupons to the Good Earth Green House in River Forest for all residents on the block!

Public works will deliver your Green Block Party Barricades along with waste receptacles for compost, recycling, and landfill. These receptacles are provided compliments of the Village Sustainability Committee. At the end of your party, simply leave the receptacles on your front porch for collection.

The River Forest Green Block Party: it’s fun, it’s informational and it’s greening River Forest, Block by Block!

Click here to learn about the Blender Bike

Why a Green Block Party?

A Green Block Party is an opportunity to learn more about the new Village Curbside Composting program and participate in the Healthy Lawn, Healthy Family initiative.

The Green Block Party program is now in its 4th year and brings residents together to support sustainable efforts in our community. This program is supported by the River Forest Sustainability Committee.

New this year, the Village has three Zero Waste Stations that are available for residents to borrow for neighborhood events.  Waste Stations allow participants to sort their trash, recyclables, and compost materials into separate bags and then dispose of all the bags as part of the Village's weekly trash, recyclable, and compost pickups.  The Waste Stations include the foldable waste station, bags, and instructions on how to sort the waste.

Waste Stations can be reserved using the Village of River Forest website at (link to submission form coming soon!).  Once reserved, the waste station can be picked up and returned at Village Hall at 400 Park Avenue Monday through Friday, between 8:00 am and 4:30 pm.

The latest PlanItGreen Sustainability Report shows that River Forest actually decreased its recycling success from 44.5% in 2012 to 33% in 2014. We need to do a better job of waste diversion, particularly as states across the country look to place bans on certain materials, such as yard waste and food scraps, from entering our landfills.

There is a high cost to garbage: In 2014, River Forest residents created 4,101 tons of municipal solid waste, yet diverted only 33% of that garbage from the landfill. The rest of our waste (much of it compostable food scraps) was trucked to a landfill in Winnebago County, 80 miles from away. Since compostable waste is largely water and heavier than non–compostable waste, an increase in household food scraps and yard waste diverted to composting, has the long term potential to save money for the Village and its residents. In addition, the byproduct of food and yard waste is ‘compost' which can potentially be returned to the village for residential use.

The PlanItGreen report also highlights the need to make improvements to the quality of air, water, soil and aesthetics in our open spaces. A perfectly manicured green lawn is a status symbol, but a green lawn that comes by way of chemicals found in fertilizers and pesticides is anything but glamorous and can be down right toxic to people, pets and the environment at large. Storm water run-off carries with it the excess fertilizers and pesticides we use on our lawns, polluting our waterways including the Des Plaines River.

The Healthy Lawn, Healthy Family initiative is designed by the Parks Foundation/Sustainability Committee to educate community members about the hazards of chemically-laden lawns and landscapes and encourage residents to reduce the volume of toxic materials used in landscaping, while offering alternatives and creating a community with an understanding of our relationship with open spaces, the eco-system and its connection to human health.

You are part of the solution
By hosting a Green Block Party, you can share in the Village’s efforts for a more sustainable community. Block by block!