The Village is working with a contractor to perform pavement rejuvenation work, which is expected to take place Friday, October 13, 2017, weather permitting. This work will require that "No Parking" signs be placed near these areas. The project consists of applying a liquid onto selected asphalt streets with a truck-mounted sprayer in an effort to prevent pavement deterioration. The liquid soaks into the pavement and “rejuvenates” it by restoring flexibility lost during exposure to the elements. The application only takes minutes but it can take up to a few hours for the liquid to dry. Streets will be blocked off during this time and will be reopened once access is restored.

The product that will be applied to the pavement is called Biorestor. This is an eco-friendly product that performs similarly to other pavement rejuvenators but is much safer for the environment. While environmentally friendly, it is accompanied by an odor that some may find unpleasant. While this odor is not typical of most construction projects, there is no cause for concern and no special action that must be taken. The odor fades once the liquid is dry but it can temporarily return during hot weather or rain events for a few weeks after the project is complete.

For additional information please visit the Village website here.  

2017 Pavement Rejuvenation Map