2014-2015 Capital Improvement Projects – Green Alleys

The Village of River Forest was fortunate enough to receive an Illinois Green Infrastructure Grant (IGIG) and will be using it to install permeable paver alleys in the Village. These installations will help prevent standing water, filter pollutants from the stormwater runoff, and drastically improve the driving surface as compared to the existing deteriorated asphalt.

While the finished project will be a substantial improvement to the area, it will be impossible to complete this work without impacting the surrounding property owners and residents. During the construction of these alleys, they will need to be completely closed-off to vehicular and pedestrian traffic. During this period, we ask that affected residents/business owners use the areas shown on the attached exhibit (in red boxes) as designated parking areas until access to the alley(s) can be restored. The Police Department has been notified and will not be issuing tickets for extended-length parking in these zones while adjacent construction is underway.

Both sections of Alley 1 were completed last fall with great success. Spring construction will soon start on Alleys 2 and 3. Please note that alley 3 will be constructed first, which is anticipated to begin during the week of April 13th. More individualized “door-hanger” notices will be delivered by the contractor approximately 48 hours prior to work beginning on your alley. These notices will only be delivered to those immediately adjacent to the alley that is about to undergo construction. Notices for Alley 2 will be delivered at a later date.

During this time, refuse pick-up will also be impacted. The contractor will coordinate this with individual refuse companies and will re-locate dumpsters and garbage cans as necessary to ensure regular pick-up.

Thank you in advance for you cooperation and we look forward to a successful project that will greatly improve the infrastructure in your neighborhood.

Click here for a map of the Green Alleys Project