At their August 18, 2014 meeting, the Village Board reached a consensus to forward the Roosevelt Middle School Sub-Area Traffic Planning Study to the Village’s Traffic & Safety Commission.  The Commission’s next regular meeting is scheduled for September 17, 2014. 

The Commission should review the study and its data carefully, meet with the consulting firm who prepared the document, take public comment, and provide recommendations back to the Village Board that address:

  • Improvements to traffic patterns, congestions and safety for the study area or the PRI.
  • Improvements and maximize use of on street parking within the study area with careful consideration to peak times for parking and impact to residents in the surrounding area.  

With those guiding principles, the Commission should also take into consideration the major themes grouped together from the public survey taken for this study and provided in this report.  It is not the Commission’s responsibility to consider off street parking for the institutions.

A copy of the draft study is available to review by clicking here.