The Village has locked into an electrical aggregation price of 7.373 cents per KwH from June 2014 through June 2015 with Integrys Energy Services.  Please note that the Fixed Rate does not include utility distribution charges or applicable taxes.

Customers will be automatically enrolled in the program unless they opt-out. Integrys will be mailing informational materials with additional information, including how to opt-out.

Click here for more information regarding the River Forest Aggregation Program.

Residents with questions about the electrical supply program are encouraged to call Integrys on the River Forest specific hotline at 1-888-491-1371.

Please note that, under an opt-out electricity aggregation program, ComEd will remain the distributor of electricity in the Village; the selected alternative supplier will merely generate the electricity provided and deliver it to ComEd for distribution. Additionally, customers will continue to receive electricity bills from ComEd. Likewise, ComEd will remain responsible for all distribution system issues, including power outages.